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Association of Performing Arts Professionals

Association of Performing Arts Professionals

The Association of Performing Arts Professionals is an international organization that facilitates connections between artists, presenters, agents and managers in the performing arts. Established in 1960, its mission has been to foster growth and development of these disciplines ever since.

APAP provides its members with a range of services, such as professional development programs, opportunities to network and discounts on theatre tickets. Furthermore, they send out newsletters with important updates and job postings.


The Association of Performing Arts Professionals (apap login) is an international organization founded in New York City that strives to promote and protect the performing arts. APAP offers professional development programs and networking opportunities for its members, while advocating for public understanding of these art forms.

Established in 1957, APAP was initially known as the Association of College and University Concert Managers. Fan Taylor, a presenter at Wisconsin Union Theater in Madison, served as its executive secretary for 24 years until her departure.

For over six decades, APAP has been advocating for and supporting performing arts professionals through professional development, grant support, advocacy and networking. It boasts more than 1600 member organizations around the world including performing arts centers, cultural specific organizations, municipal/university performance facilities as well as artist agencies and national consulting practices.

Membership to APAP is free and open to everyone, providing access to its website, webinars, and newsletter. Signing up is as simple as filling out a short online form accepting its terms and conditions – you’ll then be logged in to your account immediately!

Getting Started with APAP

In order to become a member of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, you must first register on their website. Do this by providing your name, email address and other personal data. Afterward, the site will send you a confirmation email. Upon receiving it, enter your username and password for access to the site.

Registering on the Association site is a fast and effortless process; however, you may need to provide additional documentation such as proof of employment or education in order to access certain areas. You can always reach out to our APAP customer service team for assistance if needed.

Performing Arts Events and Workshops

Apap login hosts a range of performances and workshops throughout the year that cover topics like technology, fundraising, marketing, career development, diversity – plus they host an annual conference that attracts attendees from around the globe. The organization also organizes an international conference each year which draws thousands to its events.

Why Join APAP?

Becoming a member of APAP gives you exclusive discounts and special offers, plus professional development resources like webinars and online courses. Plus, the website boasts an expansive jobs board as well as grant funding opportunities.

Benefits of APAP Membership

The Association of Performing Arts Professionals is an invaluable resource for anyone pursuing a career in performing arts. Its events and workshops offer members insight into topics like marketing, finance, and legal concerns. Furthermore, APAP members can take advantage of discounts and special offers from esteemed organizations within the industry.

What Makes APAP Unique?

APAP is a national service, advocacy and membership organization that strives to strengthen the performing arts field and foster career advancement opportunities for members. Its four interrelated priorities are professional development training, resource sharing, advocacy efforts and civic engagement activities.

The Association of Performing Arts Professionals is a pioneering organization that fosters a community for professionals in the performing arts. Each year, they host the APAP|NYC conference and offer various services to their members. It serves as an invaluable opportunity for artists, presenters, agents, managers and executives to network with others within their field while staying informed about industry trends and policies. APAP strives to remain at the forefront of innovation within this sector.


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