Four Things to Look for in an International School

Four Things to Look for in an International School

For any parent, especially if they are Americans, the main concern is high-quality education for their children. Therefore, when they travel overseas, they look for schools where their kids can learn lessons in English.

Hence, the obvious choice is an English-based international school that can nurture its children through a personalized environment.

International schools try to provide a familiar environment for English-speaking students to help them to continue their education on their terms. This means you can learn similar things which you learned while sitting in a classroom in New York or Tokyo.

Yet, concern focuses on which international school is the best and why?

So, if you are looking for that, we can help you by giving you some tips to look forward to in an international school.

Before that, let’s begin by knowing –

What Is An International School? 

An International school is a school that caters to educational services to international students. They are found in major cities with a mobile population, where kids from the international community and host country avail the learning services.

In 2009, the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) set some guidelines to set up an international school –

  • Student’s education is transferable across international schools
  • There is a multilingual student body, or even the presence of multinationals will also work
  • The school follows an international curriculum
  • Schools are internationally accredited
  • English is the main language

After you get an idea of the body of the school. Here are –

Few Things To Look In An International School

As a parent, it is wise if you invest some time on the internet browsing about international schools. It is because you want to offer the best education to your children and don’t want to waste your money on anything.

That is why we are discussing a few you can look for in a school –

Character Development 

One of the important things to look forward to in an international school is whether they impart moral or ethical values or not.

Character development is significant for young students to learn what is right and wrong. As school life is a child’s formative year, imparting good humanitarian values will make them empathetic and humble.

This is necessary as they move forward in their life, from academics to employment. These values will help them to make ever-lasting relationships and friends.

School Accreditation 

As mentioned earlier, there are certain criteria for schools to consider themselves. Fit to teach international students. Therefore, choosing a high accreditation score is wise to ensure the school has all the necessary facilities.

Further, if you are in Asia and wondering where to enroll your child, then you visit the website of Brighton College, Singapore. They are accredited as the best International schools in Singapore.

They provide a challenging and ambitious British education-based curriculum. Thus making sure your children can easily fit in with others whether you are American or a Brit.

 Valuing Other Languages and Culture 

All international schools offer English as their main language, but not all international students are English-speaking. They come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Hence, an international school should acknowledge other languages and should offer courses in other languages. This will ensure that learning is accessible to all students.

Further, schools should acknowledge different cultures and celebrate the difference rather than creating cultural disparity issues. It is because it will motivate students from various backgrounds to enroll in the school.

 Co-Curricular Activities 

Long gone are the days when schools were just the center of education. Today extracurricular activities are prioritized along with the lessons.

Thus, before you choose a school, you must see whether they have a basketball court or not. Do they have a proper playground or sports coaches?

Further, you must evaluate what kind of sports the school excels in. It is because sports are one of the ways for international students to enter college with a scholarship.

Along With These…

Choosing a perfect school for a child is difficult, with various things you must undertake to offer them the best educational services.

Similarly, before choosing to evaluate the technological development of the school, i.e., do they give technical training? Do students have enough laptops and tablets to carry into the classroom to study?

Further, you can look around the library and see whether a proper person manages it. After that, you can see what kind of books are in the library and the scope of the digital library for students to access at home.


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