Top Indian Scout Bobber Exhaust Shorty GP Slip On Exhaust

Scout Bobber Exhaust

Are you looking to enhance the performance of your Indian Scout Bobber? Our top-rated shorty GP Slip On Exhaust will give you more power and torque.

It also adds to your bike’s sleek, custom look! It’s easy to install and comes in a variety of colors.

Vance & Hines

When it comes to dyno-tuned exhausts, Vance & Hines is the gold standard. This American manufacturer has been churning out horsepower-hauling parts since 1979, and they’re not going anywhere.

They’ve been able to do this by listening to what their racers want, and then using what they learned to craft products that help you get more out of your ride. Their slip-ons, exhaust pipes and Fuelpaks set the tone for what’s possible with aftermarket parts.

The Vance & Hines Twin Slash 3-inch slip-ons are a simple, affordable way to add performance and a mean sound to your Indian Scout. These mufflers feature the signature twin slash end treatment rotated out 45 degrees, and come in either chrome or matte black ceramic.

Vance & Hines is also known for their Competition Series, which features tapered head pipes and a wideband oxygen sensor port. They’re purpose-built to yield maximum horsepower on heavily modified engines by optimizing exhaust gas velocity and scavenging. They also have a merge collector that features handcrafted internal knife edging to further improve the scavenging efficiency of the system.


The Top 2015-2022 Indian Scout, Sixty, and Bobber Shorty GP Slip on Exhaust | Radiant Cycles is an easy way to upgrade the look of your bike and get an extra boost in performance. These slip-on exhausts come in a variety of styles and are easy to install with basic tools.

Bassani has been making bike pipes since 1969 and has a reputation for delivering high-quality pipe systems that perform. They focus on a collector design that promotes smooth flow and keeps velocity up.

They also pre-weld 12mm & 18mm O2 ports, which eliminates the need for further welding if you have an aftermarket wide-band sensor.

Rinehart is also known for ‘waking up’ bikes that aren’t running at their peak. They use equal length head pipes and a proper port angle to make power much more efficiently.

Freedom Performance

Top Indian Scout Bobber Exhaust Shorty GP Slip On Exhaust

There’s no shortage of top of the line exhausts on the market, but if you want something that stands out from the crowd, look no further than Freedom Performance. The company has a slew of cool looking products on display that will make your mouth water. You can also check out their online shop for a great selection of name brand parts and accessories, or if you’re feeling particularly lucky, you can drop by their showroom in person to pick up some gear for your own rig. The team is also a top notch service department, so if you need anything repaired or replaced, they’ll be glad to help out.

Best of all, their products are priced right and ready to ship the same day you order them.

Vance & Hines 2-into-1

Designed specifically for bikes tuned for high compression, large displacement, or extended duration cams, Vance & Hines Hi Output Slip-On Exhaust System improves the volumetric efficiency of your Harley engine to yield maximum horsepower. Complete with header and collector heat shields, CNC machined end caps, and a massive 2-into-1 merge collector in your choice of brushed silver or matte black finishes, this exhaust is sure to make your bike scream!

Hand TIG-welded from lightweight high grade stainless steel with a brushed “works” finish, this exhaust system is refined from four decades of on-track competition. Integrated with our PCX(tm) technology, this exhaust produces stronger low to mid-range torque and an unrivaled roar that only a race-inspired system can offer.

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