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What distinguishes today’s PGs from older PGs?

What distinguishes today's PGs from older PGs

In the bustling metropolis of Bangalore, paying guest (PG) lodgings have grown to be a popular option for people looking for short- or long-term housing. In Bangalore, Domlur is one of the most sought-after areas for PGs. This fast-growing neighborhood has great connectivity, is close to important IT parks, and has a thriving social scene. Many Modern PGs in Domlur provide a comfortable and opulent living environment with first-rate amenities and qualified management. The ancient PG in Domlur, which provided little more than a bed, table, and chair in a small and cramped room, are a far cry from the Modern PGs. The comfort and safety of inhabitants are guaranteed by the Modern infrastructure, sophisticated security measures, and expert management found in today’s PGs. Thus, below are some points on how are modern PGS these days different from typical PGs.

  • Fully furnished rooms: Modern PGs offer completely furnished rooms with a bed, wardrobe, study table, chair, and other necessary goods like bedding and towels. With top-notch furnishings that are both fashionable and practical, the rooms are created to offer a cozy and comfortable living experience.
  • High-speed internet: As our reliance on digital connectivity grows, having high-speed internet has become a need for the majority of people. High-speed internet access is available in Modern PGs enabling inhabitants to work, study, and stay in touch with loved ones with ease.
  • Internal dining:  Modern PGs serve delicious and nutritious meals to their inhabitants with in-house dining services. To accommodate the wide range of tastes and preferences of the residents, they have experienced chefs who produce a variety of foods. For those who don’t like to prepare or go out to eat, in-home dining is a practical option.
  • Recreational amenities: Modern PGs provide access to a variety of recreational amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, game rooms, and outdoor sporting facilities. Without leaving the comfort of their homes, these facilities give inhabitants the chance to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Co-living spaces: Co-living spaces are common places in PGs that promote interaction, teamwork, and the development of connections among residents. Co-living rooms including lounge areas, libraries, and outdoor spaces are features of Modern PGs in Domlur that provide with residents a sense of belonging.
  • Professional management: Modern PGs are run by firms with years of experience who offer their residents top-notch services. To guarantee that the requirements of the residents are swiftly satisfied, they have devoted personnel who are available around the clock. Everything is handled by the management, including cleaning and laundry services as well as maintenance and repairs.
  • Options for flexible rentals: Modern PGs provide varied leasing alternatives that are tailored to inhabitants’  requirements and financial circumstances. They offer both short-term and long-term rentals, depending on whether a person needs a place to stay temporarily or for a longer period. Several Modern PGs also provide specially designed rental plans that address the needs of the residents.
  • Convenient locations: Modern PGs are situated in locations that provide quick access to restaurants, retail centers, public transportation, and other necessities. They are judiciously positioned in secure, well-connected regions, making it simple for locals to travel to work or education.
  • Value: Modern PGs provide high-quality services and amenities that are not offered by conventional rentals, making them a fantastic value. Although they are more expensive than standard PGs, they provide a comfortable and opulent living environment that makes the purchase worthwhile.
  • Modern security measures: Newer PGs are outfitted with cutting-edge security technologies to protect the safety of the residents. They have access control systems in place that prevent unlawful entry into the building, security guards on duty at the door, and CCTV cameras positioned in public areas.
  • Cleaning services: Housekeeping services are provided by Modern PGs to maintain the cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the dwelling quarters. They have devoted personnel who frequently clean the rooms and communal areas to make sure the tenants have a pleasant living environment.
  • Localized maintenance: Modern PGs have on-site maintenance personnel who are available to fix any problems with the structure or the living quarters. They make sure that the facilities are kept clean and in good repair so that the people can live comfortably.
  • Flexibility in rules and regulations: Modern PGs allow people to choose how they want to live by being flexible with their rules and regulations. To accommodate the various requirements and interests of residents, they offer options like smoking and non-smoking zones, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food selections, and curfew hours.

In conclusion, the modern PGs that were once common in Domlur have greatly changed. Modern PGs have grown to be a popular option for people looking for inexpensive housing since they have a strong emphasis on giving tenants a comfortable, convenient, and opulent living experience. They also place a strong emphasis on sustainability, health and wellness, and community building, making them a great choice for people looking for a contemporary and holistic way of life. With all these amenities, it’s no surprise that contemporary PGs in Domlur have grown to be a popular option for anyone looking for a convenient and comfortable way to live in the city.


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